Sunday, 20 September 2009

Laura Neuvonen "The Last Knit" (2005)

The Last Knit (Kutoja) is a movie I intended to feature well over a year ago but it somehow got lost in the ether. Laura Neuvonen' s tale of an obsessive knitter is compulsive viewing, edge of your seat job, or rather cliff. It is barely dawn and a lone knitter sets down her chair high on top of a cliff face. Her fingers get busy and ripples of coloured wool are set against the bare terrain looking for all the world like a mountain range. The lady is unable to stop knitting, even when the weight of her output pulls her ever nearer to the cliff edge. And when she needs it most she runs out of wool. A funny tale of compulsive disorder. Some folk eat, some diet, some write blogs. Just like that rooftop I was writing about the other day, the location is terrific with the director teasing out each nail clicking moment for all it is worth. Laura's character is a superb creation, her facial expression determined in her madness, clawing her way back from the brink, knitting needles utilised as fiercely as a pick axe on the Eiger. Laura works for Helsinki's Anima Vitae, who claim there have been over a million internet downloads of the movie. The link above is actually to a higher quality version.


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