Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Philippe Grammaticopoulos "The Bellies" ("Les ventres" 2009)

The Bellies is a stunning satire, as visually innovative a film as I have featured on the Animation Blog. This is no small claim. Philippe Grammaticopoulos' film contains so many strikingly stylised images that I was hard pushed to select a screenshot; in fact I took one from early in the fifteen minute film so as not to reveal too much of the ending. Baldly stated. it is all about food, how we manufacture it in ways that run counter to nature, and gluttony, oh and cannibalism. Whetted your appetite? Set in a bizarre universe where a rotund toff enjoys a tasty meal with identical diners, we are transported to a cold, surreal world of ghastly excess, where a factory conjures up squirts of goo made from real creatures, where discarded mollusks appear as an alien landscape and our man becomes tangled up in his own lunch. A visual feast in all respects. Some of the scenes are extraordinary, the fork or spider on the hunt, the gory repast at the close, the giant, empty snail shells as emblems of our greed. Adept use of CG technology, drawing that is extraordinarily skilled, gorgeous cross hatch shading and striking perspectives on a generally spare landscape. Each scene is so wonderfully composed. There is something of the science fiction nightmare too, particularly towards the end when the nature of lunch is graphically exposed.  A graduate of Supinfocom in Valenciennes, Philippe was born in Belgium. He is a central part of Mr Hyde in Paris. I have twice featured his work before here and here.

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nanti said...

Thank you for this. Great short.

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